WEEK 23 – Energy School

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WEEK 23 – Energy School

It makes sense, but we never really think about it, that it takes less energy to be successful, than to mire in failure. It is a simple concept but sometimes difficult to really understand and put it to use. It is known as, “The Law of Least Effort”.

Most of my life, I have felt like the laboratory rat that is racing in a spinner wheel and going nowhere. All that energy and effort that has been misguided and misused throughout my life is daunting.

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Now, I am learning that it takes self-directed action to take charge of every situation and get it done properly, and effortlessly. In addition to this law, it is vital that no matter what I do, I must do my very best regardless of the results of the effort. Doing my best, energizes me, just knowing that I accomplished what I set out to do, and do it with total dedication.

There are so many examples of emulating someone who has accomplished great things in life that was either down on their luck or fighting through a physical or mental deficiency. Og Mandino is one o my ideals in this regards.

I have realized as I have aged, that it is never to late in life to take the , “Hero’s Journey”, and become the person I always thought I could be and fulfill my destiny. I now understand what I am learning in “Energy School” about the Law of Least Effort. I must master the three important concepts of this law, that of acceptance, responsibility and defenselessness. 

In this very politically charged country we live in, it is easy to give an opinion on what is right and wrong and pushing my views on others. I have close friends that we are not talking or visiting with as much as we have because of these stupid opinions. Starting now, “I will accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur”.


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“Having accepted things as they are, I will take responsibility for MY situation and for all those events I see as problems”. I will stop blaming others, and this will allow me to develop a creative response and give me an opportunity for a better outcome or change

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The beauty of practicing, defenselessness, is that if I give no point of view, I will not have to defend any stance. “I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view”

What this will do is to free me up as the “observer“, and trust my instincts.

WEEK – 22 Mood Swings

Week – 22  Mood Swings

Emotions are a strange thing. As Frank Sinatra sang in his classic song, “That’s life” a person’s mood and their fortunes can sometimes change in an instant. I have my share of mood changes that seem to fluctuate not only from day to day, but sometimes hour to hour.

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i get happy, i get sad. I have a period of feeling on top of the world, and then later in the same day, I feel tired, lethargic and beaten down. Small mood swings are a part of everyone’s lives, but I have not always dealt well when the mood was negative.

Og Mandino says, ” Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts”. Everybody has mood swings and they are a natural part of most people’s lives.

This is my new battle plan to face these rolling tides of emotions that I experience right when I get out of bed in the morning. It is again controlled by my thoughts and who determines the path of those thoughts? Yes, it is the subconscious. So everything goes back to changing the old blueprint, facing these changes in spirit and emotion and learning to deal with them in a deeper level, and dealing with my subconscious mind. I have to be the “Watchman” for everything entering my mind so I can become more aware of the negative emotions and deal with them better.

While mood swings haven’t been scientifically linked to many specific foods, drugs, or such, a common example is that of someone consuming a large amount of sugar (e.g., from cola or other beverages) and then coming down off of the “sugar high.” Being a diabetic the last few years, I have noticed some extreme changes on a regular basis.

I am not ‘Bipolar’ or suffer from episodes of ‘manic depression’ but I do have mood swings between any two moods or emotions, sad to angry, happy to contemplative, at multiple times in a day.

I believe that it is not something to seek medical attention too quickly because the first method of dealing with this situation is controlling your mind and thoughts. Reading the Master Keys and related information, especially Og Mandino’s scrolls is the first

Denying my mood swings, especially if others bring it to my attention, isn’t going to make things any better for me. Getting help for them can.

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I do not believe my mood swings are linked to a specific disorder and occur sporadically as a natural part of a person’s life, and more importantly could be part of my  personality.

Mood swings are not my fault, nor can time always heal this kind of issue on its own. As a pharmacist, I know the dangers of taking psychotropic drugs. It is better to let Haanal and Mandino be the first line of defense against this condition.

It is all in my head……

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WEEK 21 – Changing the Way I look At Things

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Week 21 – “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

One of the most thought provoking weeks for me has been this week. I never realized that some of the tools I used in my “Comfort Zone” was actually a defensive way of dealing with negative situations in my life and rationalizing the outcomes.

The tools of my “Comfort Zone”: Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, Anger which I have used to explain away any failures or adverse events in my life must be redirected and used for my advantage if I truly want to change the subconscious and have it work for my benefit.

Of these attributes FEAR, is the most difficult and most powerful emotion that affects everything I do in life. If Fear is the ‘brick’ and the others are the ‘mortar’, than i must be able to turn this negative feeling into a positive affirmation.

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I need to burn down this wall of fear and utilize it to refocus my efforts wherever fear reigns. It is true for me when I fear a situation it causes me to extremely concentrate and focus on the situation, but not on the solution, but more on the problem itself. So many situations occur from childhood to adult life that build the Fear concept, allowing the accompanying comfort zone tools come to join in the situation in a negative way and outcome. Years of these negative events build up and affect our psyche.

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I have encountered a new situation in life, just this week, that exemplifies these concepts. I have been involved in an organization that is combating the heroin problem in my community. We are opening a coffee shop in our downtown to raise our own money and become self-sufficient without relying on donations and grants to stay in business. A member of the zoning board who happens to be an elder in my church is causing tremendous problems for gaining our approval. Immediately, the fear of losing the shop, (and quit possibly the organization), and all the other tools began rearing their ugly heads and ruining my week.

So, through the Law of Substitution, I am now focusing on the positive outcome of what I want, and not on someone that has hurt my feelings. So I’m releasing myself of how the world is treating me and concentrating on the goal and the final outcome. So I will put blinders on and move steadfastly towards the accomplishment of this project, and any I partake of in the future.

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As Mark and Davene have so eloquently have stated;

Psalm 46 unlocks the treasure within

  1. Be still and know that I am God
  2. Be still and know
  3. Be still
  4. Be

WEEK 20 – Six Degrees of Seperation


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Week 20 – Six degrees of Separation

For those of you who wonder exactly what the term ‘Six degrees of separation‘ refers to, is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world is just six or fewer steps away from each other in the world. That is where the statement, “a friend of a friend of a friend‘, refers to that will connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

It was popularized in a Broadway Play in 1990, and I always thought it was a little far fetched. However, since studying the Master Keys and learning more about the subconscious and our connection to the Universal Mind, it is becoming more than just a curiosity.

In my busy world, as a diversion I like to work the University of Pittsburgh basketball games and big entertainment events in Pittsburgh. Meeting people and networking is a passion of mine.

I have been dabbling in an area of a medical business that deals with stem cells that I find very interesting, and trying to decide if I wanted to get more involved in the field. I was having a conversation with a young North Carolina fan, before the Pitt-North Carolina game, when after a time I realized he was my old roommate’s son from college. I Have not seen him for years so I did not recognize him. I also haven’t spoken to his father in awhile, even though we had been very close in past. When the son told me the father was undergoing stem cell therapy in his knee next week, I was overjoyed because now I Could get first hand information about the efficacy and results of the therapy. I now was relieved that I could acquire more pertinent information on the stem cell process so I could make a better decision on the subject.

The Master Keys at work again. I have had the subject on my mind constantly and meditated on it as well, and now I had an opportunity to evaluate this further from a trusted source. It verifies the concept that when I concentrate on a problem or issue the subconscious will act on it and work towards finding a solution. The coincidence that happened made me think that the answer to any question lies in my believe that if I concentrate and use my subconscious correctly I can solve any mystery of my daily life.

Cool stuff.

WEEK – 19 Gratitude & Happiness

Week 19 – Gratitude & Happiness

Is the glass half full or half empty and how does that relate to Gratitude? 

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The concepts of good vs evil have always been the primary battle at center stage in everyone’s life, but so has Optimism and Pessimism.

Optimism is directly related to Gratitude, while Pessimism is more liked to envy and jealousy.

Through the years I have learned that being grateful is always better than longing for more and never being satisfied fully.

In church, in school and in the home the act of gratitude was always taught and experienced, in a good and positive way.

Then why as the years go by did I lose this ideal and be caught up in the quest for more material rewards and pleasures. I believe I lost the sense of gratitude and instead of being grateful for what I accomplished, things always looked better in someone else’s lawn.

There are many ways to be grateful, and after years of searching I have found some answers that will lead to a more happy life.

What I have found is that our relationships with others, especially family and friends, are the greatest determinant of happiness in my life.  The big car, the big house, the big bank account, although may make life easier and enjoyable in many aspects does not necessarily lead to the ultimate goal in life which is happiness.

If you’re not happy I don’t care what your standing or bank account reveals, you are lacking in the one area that matters the most. Happiness.

Through writing out grateful attitudes each day, it has caused a slow change in how I perceive situations and how to better focus on them in a fresh new way. Im looking for the good and trying to stretch myself to increase my appreciation of even the little things in life that I am grateful for and is responsible for my happiness.

I have become keenly aware of every situation I experience with my family and this has helped me appreciate what I have more pleasurable way. This excitement is giving me a jolt to start making more and more positive changes in how I perceive life as it happens around me. Its like I am anticipating what wonderful things are in store for me as each new day arrives and how it will change not only my life but those around me.

I guess I cant wait till tomorrow because it gets better every day.

WEEK 18 – Kindness is the Best of all Virtues

WEEK 18  Kindness the best of all virtues?


I have to be truly honest when I have said that a lot of the exercises we have done in this course I felt were rather childish. I did not think them through enough to realize that all of this is a culmination to something much greater.

Well the Franklin Makeover has changed all of this in my eyes, and especially when it became time to perform Random Acts of Kindness.

At first it seemed a little strange but as I did more and more of these RAC’s I began to feel myself wanting to do even more.


What this has also done is stimulate me to embrace the program even more and jump all in and make the change.

Kindness is like the glue that keeps all the other virtues we are working on in order.

I also found that complimenting people often was taking a life of its own. The reaction of everyday communication was even better in a higher plain.

No one is immune to the positive effects of gratitude and kindness and even the most cynical will have to yield to this tremendous power and will.

I will continue to do RAC’s along with my new virtue each week. I will continue to focus on what I want out of life and concentrate on abundance.


I will give myself permission to succeed and keep growing in my experience.

I will give myself permission to be happy

I will give myself permission to be successful in my business and personal life

I will give myself permission to be a better husband to my wife, and

I will give myself permission to be the role model and father that my children have come to expect.


WEEK 17 – I Train My Brain

WEEK 17   I Train my Brain


If we can train our mind, to concentrate on a singular idea and focus with a laser-like tendency then we can accomplish almost anything.

As the weeks have passed by, all the exercises and practices to reprogram our thought processes is beginning o take shape in productive ways.

The importance of the “sit” or the many years I practiced ‘transcendental meditation’ is becoming clearer in regards to how it fits into my training of the subconscious.

I have never agreed with or approved of the lives and actions of the Hollywood Community and there disregard for decency. However, I have learned one very important fact about their profession that is critical to my quest for success.

The greatness of an actor depends upon him losing himself in the role of another character. Where the actor fails is that they do not translate that character into spiritual truth. Thus they are not  the perfect role model to pattern one’s life after.


However, the practice of concentration is vital to all knowledge. As Haanel says concentration is the secret to the universe.

So now my goal is to add intense desire to concentrated effort and continue to grow daily in quest of completing my goals by matter of importance.

The world is ever changing and for me to keep up with it, I must change. But the problem I have felt over the years is how to change and what will give me the best chance to positively impact my life and those around me.

So all the years I struggled with the belief in God and the ideals I needed to strive for, are in essence accurate.

God is really in control and for me to realize it gives me great peace and hope. Now, I must give even greater importance to my sit period, because that is where I can really come in contact with the Universal Mind who is all powerful.


Now things can happen because I believe I have been thoroughly tested and now it’s time to cash in for the Holy Grail, which is happiness and success.

WEEK 16 – Wealth vs Virtue

WEEK 16   Wealth vs. Virtue


Throughout the entire existence of man the idea of wealth and its relationship to virtue has been debated in many ways.

The most misunderstood message in the bible has been debated for years and taken out of context to prove a point. “Money is the root of all evil” they quote from the bible. But the actual phrase is that the “Love of money is the root of all evil”

Everyone has to make money to survive in life or have it available thru charitable means. However, how does money relate to wealth in society?

Growing up in a middle-class, hard-working catholic home, providing for the family was tantamount. As each new generation wanted to provide more to the family, education thru virtue was taught to us and achieving great wealth was not in line with the important virtues in life.

Money was necessary but too much was considered evil and could only be obtained thru some illegal means.


As Haanel says, “Wealth is a product of labor”, and money is a means to an end, and success is subject to a higher ideal.

For us to truly attain wealth, the correct way, depends upon spiritual power. Is wealth contradictory to virtue? As Haanel states this power is systematic. It is idealization, concentration and then visualization.

Realizing it and then concentrating on it and then visualizing is all realized when we sit for 15 minutes and resonate on our day is essential. Thought precedes and determines action.


Now after we prepare our minds and plan our strategy is now when the correct virtues are added and the goal is not only right for our success but in conjunction with the spiritual laws and that of our creator.

It’s the same as cooking up a great recipe for tomato sauce. As the Ragu commercial goes when asked about different ingredients, “It’s all in there”. So by us mixing our plans and intent and combining with our virtues we now have a recipe for success.

Ideally, I must give myself permission to accumulate wealth and do it for a definite purpose. Not just to have things, but to be able to enjoy some of the good things in life, balanced with true value of helping others.

If I can do this and do it for the right reasons, then the ways and means will be provided for me to succeed.





Fear has meaning meanings. An anachronism, “False Evidence Appearing Real”, is probably the one I most identify with over the years.

However, Fear is just a word. Unfortunately, throughout my life, I have given this word tremendous power over me, when in the end it is just what it is a ‘word’.

From my earliest youth when I first encountered Frankenstein on TV as a child and had nightmares for months when I was too young to realize that he was just an illusion, to the modern day when I attempt to meet with a business owner about a solution that is perfect for him, but I hesitate to present it because of my reluctance, is virtually the same.

Fear comes in many forms. But the power it has over us comes from one source and one source alone. It is the “subconscious”. There it is again, the old blueprint rising to the surface snatching happiness and success and spiraling us down to our usual self.

It is sad to see myself and others we influence in life to suffer the same fears. I notice that a lot of my unrewarding traits seem to be picked up by my children over the years in small and subtle ways.

We try to deal with our fears but it is usually some half-hearted, momentarily, burst of energy that we feel will finally make a difference and leave our fears in the past. But unfortunately as time goes in these same fears rise up again and we become even more frustrated that we cannot deal with this problem ourselves.

This leads to more fear and more adverse activities in our lives, till we finally say, “To heck with it”, give up and accept it as fact.scared

Over the past few months we have learned to recognize that we can begin to change our attitudes and virtues, by learning to redirect our subconscious and reprogram our thought process.

And even though many of our fears and concerns cannot be completely wiped away, we realize that we can recognize these situations, accept them and deal with them in a way that we can identify and eventually control so we can continue our journey to happiness.

The journey continues…

Week 14 – For Auld Lang Syne

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As another year goes by the wayside, it’s time to make serious changes without professing ridiculous New Year’s resolutions. As I have gotten older, and supposedly wiser, I think I have finally determined that the I have the key that can finally unlock the mystery of why I act in ways I really don’t comprehend.

So instead of doing the same things every year to make significant changes and fail, it’s time to get more serious and make significant changes by doing the basics and exercises in the Master Keys. As Zig Ziglar says, “Its time for a checkup from the neck up”.

The Seven Laws of the Mind continue to intertwine through our journey. In particular this week, it is the Law of Growth. I have learned that “spiritual activity is endowed with creative power, that not just some thought, but ALL thought is creative”.

But more importantly Haanel states, “that if you deny unsatisfactory thoughts you deny them of their creative power. Thus we are sapping them of their vitality”. This is in perfect harmony with the Biblical Scriptures.

I must eliminate all bad thoughts and replace them with good thoughts so we can continue to grow with health and vitality.

So now I must be very careful on what thoughts we entertain. In comes the Law of Dual Thought. If I can control what I think and substitute any bad thoughts with good thoughts I can begin to develop positive habits, and break the chains of indecision and fear, and  that I will continue to grow only if I stay committed.

Everything seems to be slowly falling into place. However the 7 Day Mental Diet is still a challenge, along with the Laws of the Mind, especially the Law of Substitution. This can be incorporated and make me change my thought processes into good habits and make me stronger each day. I must always keep in mind, that I cannot think of two thoughts at the same time, so when something bad enters, I must immediately address it and change my thought patterns.

As Og Mandino says in Scroll II, “Never will I allow my mind to be attracted to evil and despair, rather I will uplift it with knowledge and wisdom of the ages”. And what better wisdom of the Ages can you study then the the wisest man in the World, King Solomon’s book of Proverbs.

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It is becoming clearer that I can utilize these changes with the colors and shapes so that I can continually affect  the subconscious and develop my mind from numerous areas that will help get the absolute best results and keep me growing as I continue to discover all the tools I will be learning.

It’s starting to come together…