WEEK 20 – Six Degrees of Seperation


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Week 20 – Six degrees of Separation

For those of you who wonder exactly what the term ‘Six degrees of separation‘ refers to, is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world is just six or fewer steps away from each other in the world. That is where the statement, “a friend of a friend of a friend‘, refers to that will connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

It was popularized in a Broadway Play in 1990, and I always thought it was a little far fetched. However, since studying the Master Keys and learning more about the subconscious and our connection to the Universal Mind, it is becoming more than just a curiosity.

In my busy world, as a diversion I like to work the University of Pittsburgh basketball games and big entertainment events in Pittsburgh. Meeting people and networking is a passion of mine.

I have been dabbling in an area of a medical business that deals with stem cells that I find very interesting, and trying to decide if I wanted to get more involved in the field. I was having a conversation with a young North Carolina fan, before the Pitt-North Carolina game, when after a time I realized he was my old roommate’s son from college. I Have not seen him for years so I did not recognize him. I also haven’t spoken to his father in awhile, even though we had been very close in past. When the son told me the father was undergoing stem cell therapy in his knee next week, I was overjoyed because now I Could get first hand information about the efficacy and results of the therapy. I now was relieved that I could acquire more pertinent information on the stem cell process so I could make a better decision on the subject.

The Master Keys at work again. I have had the subject on my mind constantly and meditated on it as well, and now I had an opportunity to evaluate this further from a trusted source. It verifies the concept that when I concentrate on a problem or issue the subconscious will act on it and work towards finding a solution. The coincidence that happened made me think that the answer to any question lies in my believe that if I concentrate and use my subconscious correctly I can solve any mystery of my daily life.

Cool stuff.

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