WEEK 21 – Changing the Way I look At Things

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Week 21 – “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

One of the most thought provoking weeks for me has been this week. I never realized that some of the tools I used in my “Comfort Zone” was actually a defensive way of dealing with negative situations in my life and rationalizing the outcomes.

The tools of my “Comfort Zone”: Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, Anger which I have used to explain away any failures or adverse events in my life must be redirected and used for my advantage if I truly want to change the subconscious and have it work for my benefit.

Of these attributes FEAR, is the most difficult and most powerful emotion that affects everything I do in life. If Fear is the ‘brick’ and the others are the ‘mortar’, than i must be able to turn this negative feeling into a positive affirmation.

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I need to burn down this wall of fear and utilize it to refocus my efforts wherever fear reigns. It is true for me when I fear a situation it causes me to extremely concentrate and focus on the situation, but not on the solution, but more on the problem itself. So many situations occur from childhood to adult life that build the Fear concept, allowing the accompanying comfort zone tools come to join in the situation in a negative way and outcome. Years of these negative events build up and affect our psyche.

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I have encountered a new situation in life, just this week, that exemplifies these concepts. I have been involved in an organization that is combating the heroin problem in my community. We are opening a coffee shop in our downtown to raise our own money and become self-sufficient without relying on donations and grants to stay in business. A member of the zoning board who happens to be an elder in my church is causing tremendous problems for gaining our approval. Immediately, the fear of losing the shop, (and quit possibly the organization), and all the other tools began rearing their ugly heads and ruining my week.

So, through the Law of Substitution, I am now focusing on the positive outcome of what I want, and not on someone that has hurt my feelings. So I’m releasing myself of how the world is treating me and concentrating on the goal and the final outcome. So I will put blinders on and move steadfastly towards the accomplishment of this project, and any I partake of in the future.

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As Mark and Davene have so eloquently have stated;

Psalm 46 unlocks the treasure within

  1. Be still and know that I am God
  2. Be still and know
  3. Be still
  4. Be

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